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If you are planning one of the biggest days of your lives I am very happy that you have stopped by to have a look at what I do. Wedding days are lots of fun, full of emotion, happiness and some times drunken antics and I am there to capture all that goes on.


I’ve set up my packages in a way that have no hidden charges, no ‘contact me’ to find the price, no hard sell. So to keep things simple I have set up 3 packages and 1 destination package to include all that you need. If you are planning something a little different just get in touch and it would be great to hear what you are planning.

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Hello, I’m Chris

I'm a 36 years young portrait photographer based in Lincolnshire, father of one (and one of the way!). I cannot have my picture taken with out pulling a stupid face, mainly because I hate having my picture taken!  I have a big passion for capturing moments and memories for people which naturally translated in to wedding photography around 9 years ago.

When it comes to wedding photography I have a very simple formula; 

- be friendly, I'm a people person and enjoying chatting to your guests and being a part of a wedding day

- be professional, I'm at a wedding to deliver my very best whether thats in my photography or how I behave. Every wedding is different and I'm there to adapt what I do to compliment your unique day.

- be prepared, theres lots of planning before a wedding day so we have a rough plan on how your day will flow.

I'm lucky enough to have photographed weddings all over the UK and internationally. If your interested in hiring me please feel free to click get in touch button.


Did you know we love taking family portraits too?

When it comes to capturing family portraits there's is nothing I love more then capturing your family in a way you will look back and remember how your family really was. No cheesy poses just lots of fun and natural smiles!